Cakes, Crumpets, and Crimes

Cakes, Crumpets, and Crimes
Series: Dog Detective - A Bulldog on the Case, Book 9
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: cozy mystery
ISBN: 9798861903301

Lola Ramsay has swapped the tumult of combat for the tranquility of a small English village. On what was supposed to be a delightful outing with the dashing Linc Hall, Lola and her sock-loving French Bulldog, Sassy, must solve a crime to save a friend.

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About the Book

Charles Whittaker of the Twins Teapot Terrace, is found murdered with Betty’s distinctive knife firmly lodged in his back.
Lola must navigate through the labyrinth of secrets, in Betty’s Tea Room, uncovering intrigue, betrayal, danger, and the true value of a Tea Loaf Recipe. Sassy has her opinion on that one!

The relentless gang of dog-nappers are still about. Can Sassy sniff out a clue while staying safe?

And what of the coveted tea loaf recipe? Can Lola unravel a tantalizing secret woven into the fabric of the murder? Can Sassy sniff out its mysteries and unmask the killer before the kettle cools?

Cakes, Crumpets, and Crimes is a delightfully cozy mystery brimming with unexpected twists, hilarious canine quips, and the warm camaraderie of village life.

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