Brighter Days

Brighter Days
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance
ASIN: B07RY62336

“It’s silly, mamm. I’m only moving to the other side of Faith’s Creek. It will be almost like nothing has changed at all.”

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About the Book

Eleanor and Andrew have lived a simple life in Faith’s Creek. They accepted their arranged marriage with grace, raised their two kinner David and Rebecca into respectable young people, and tended to their farmland. So why did Eleanor want something more?

She sees the way Rebecca and her soon-to-be husband are so heavily in love – the same with David and his fraa. Eleanor wishes for that between herself and Andrew, for a spark to to enter their twenty-five years of marriage instead of the coldness she feels.

Soon, Rebecca will be marrying and leaving the nest, leaving Eleanor with the echoes of the past within her suddenly too-big home. Tension between Andrew and herself has never been at a higher point, and it almost seems like too big of a gap to bridge. Distant from her husband, Eleanor finds a friend in the uncle of her daughter’s husband. A man who is kind, affable and charming but she would never consider anything more than friendship.

When disaster strikes, will Eleanor succumb to her guilt and pain, or will she find happiness in Gott’s love and the kindness of a stranger that might be her way to a new beginning?

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