Bridal Veils and Western Trails 3 Book Box Set

Bridal Veils and Western Trails 3 Book Box Set

In the heart of Florence, Colorado, a series of romances bloom, each tangled in webs of secrets, desires, and the unyielding quest for love. This 3 book set brings together three enchanting stories where the paths of love are never straightforward, but the journey is always worth it.

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About the Book

A Heart Divided: Lily Baynton’s heart is caught in a tug-of-war between the charming Eric Estrada and the deceptive Clive Grady. As Eric’s unspoken love and Clive’s true nature come to light, Lily faces a choice that could alter her life forever. Will she follow her heart to unexpected love?

A Heart’s Gamble: In a twist of fate, Annabelle Baynton enlists Flynn Miller to ward off Clive’s advances, sparking an unintended romance. But with Clive’s dark intentions looming, their budding love is put to the test. Can Flynn protect Annabelle and secure their future together?

A Heart’s Second Chance: Cooper Hicks’s world is upended when his brother Simon threatens his chance at love with Jennifer Robinson. As buried secrets surface, Jennifer must choose whether to risk her heart again. In the face of adversity, can they seize their second chance at love?

Bridal Veils and Western Trails weaves together tales of love’s complexities, the courage to trust again, and the powerful bond of heart over circumstance. Dive into these stirring romances and discover love’s enduring promise in the face of life’s greatest challenges.

Will the citizens of Florence find their heart’s desire? Grab this collection now to find out if love and family triumph in this triology of heartwarming western romances.

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