Breaking the Chains of the Past

Breaking the Chains of the Past

In Bestselling Author Indiana Wake's new book courageous women cross the Atlantic to become Mail-Order Brides and find their Happily Ever Afters.

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About the Book

Twenty-two-year-old Constance Dearborn is deeply in love with wealthy London attorney Russell Melton. Upon learning Constance doesn’t have a large dowry Russell turns his back on Constance and marries another.

Heartbroken, Constance agrees to become a mail-order bride and head to Jamestown, Virginia to assuage the financial burden on her family. The journey to Jamestown is long and arduous. Fortunately, Constance befriends other strong women searching for love and a new life in Jamestown.

Arrival in Jamestown finds the women being introduced to various men looking for wives. While women have more rights in the new colony Constance finds the process of finding a husband dehumanizing.

After 10 years in the new colony thirty-three-year-old farmer Jack Thornton is looking for a hard-working, educated and practical wife. Constance agrees to marry Jack but has difficulty adjusting to married life while still loving Russell.

Will Constance be able to break the chains of her past and find true love with Jack before it’s too late?

You will love this this sweet romance as courage overcomes adversity and love finds a way of Breaking the Chains of the Past.

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