Betrothed to the Earl’s Brother

Betrothed to the Earl’s Brother
Series: The Montcrieff's of Castleton, Book 2
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

Miss Emily Bowers is a quiet little mouse. Daughter to Lord and Lady Bowers she has been schooled to keep her humor, intelligence, and bright personality hidden, to be a good daughter. Now she is to be married to Gerald Montcrieff. An arrogant young man who would ruin her for his pleasure and cheat on her once they were married. He delights in humiliating her and playing her off against her best friend.

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About the Book

At first, she goes along with this but as his character shows she wants no more to do with the man. Surely her parents will understand.

“There is no money for a dowry, you are a burden and this is our chance to be rid of you.”
Emily cannot believe the words. What is she to do?

In the shadows, Benjamin Montcrieff has been watching Emily and has grown to love her quick wit and rare humor. Can he save her from his brother? Will she even look at him and will he be left to live in a house where his one true love is married to a beast?

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