An Impossible Love

An Impossible Love

A broken heart, and broken dreams but Ruthie must go on for her son. Can she come to terms with An Impossible Love or will she be lonely for the rest of her days?


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About the Book

You have asked me for some longer books and so this series is all longer books, 3 times as long as my normal books. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have writing them.

It is 1878 and when Ruthie loses her beloved husband Jed she believes her life is over. With a farm and a young son, Luke, to care for she knows she must carry on.

Gilmore Merritt is also devastated by the loss of his childhood friend but he promises to do everything he can to see that the farm survives long enough for Luke to take over.

Spending all his time at the farm he discovers what an amazing woman Ruth is and he soon develops feelings for her. Only he knows this is wrong. That it is an impossible love.

Sensing the growing love between them Ruth pushes him into the arms of another woman.

Will Gilmore make the worst mistake of his life?
Will Ruth end up lonely and alone?
How will Luke cope with the changing relationships and the loss of another father figure?

Find out in An Impossible Love a deeply moving western historical romance by bestselling author Indiana Wake.

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