An Amish Match 2 Book Box Set with Hannah Schrock

An Amish Match 2 Book Box Set with Hannah Schrock
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

Two brand new Amish Romances in one delightful set, sure to warm the heart this fall.

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About the Book

The Amish Storyteller – Hannah Schrock

Rebecca Beiler had found her place in the world at long last, and was very happy teaching the kinner in the community school. She was not at all shy with the youngsters, and they all loved to hear her stories. It was however past time for her to be married and she had no prospects.

When she is presented with a courtship proposal, she is faced with a terrible choice.

Does Gott have other plans for her when little Katie Fisher becomes an integral part of Rebecca’s life. Spending time with the little girl with a limp also means she gets to know Katie’s daed, Caleb. Rebecca’s choice will impact so many lives, and she is the only person who can make the decision.

When Gott is asked to provide a sign, He does so much more than that.

Amish Redemption – Two Amish Hearts – Sarah Miller

Nancy loved only one man, when he left on rumspringa he took her heart with him.

It is 10 years since Aaron Lapp left Faith’s Creek, Nancy has never recovered, or loved again.
Now the teacher at the school she has a good life but is it time to marry? The nights are lonely and she wonders what Gott has in store for her.

When Aaron returns with a young boy, Joseph, at his side Nancy has to face all her old feelings.

What is the secret that Aaron holds?
Where does Joseph fit in?
Where is his mamm?

Is this the plan Gott had for her or should she guard her heart once more?

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