An Amish Christmas Blessing

An Amish Christmas Blessing
Authors: ,
Series: Five Amish Brothers, Book 3
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

Christmas has arrived in Faith’s Creek and Colin Phillips is determined to help his brother, Uri find love. What could go wrong?

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About the Book

Colin is trying to fit back into his family’s life after abandoning them years ago. He wants to make sure everyone has a perfect holiday.

Dinah Grundun is a dutiful daughter who takes care of her ailing father. She has eyes for Uri Phillips but every time she tries to talk to him, he clams up or flat runs away. She decides to give up on finding love this Christmas and focus on her father.

Uri Phillips is a quiet man. He’s fallen in love with Dinah but can’t seem to speak to her. Whenever they speak, his tongue is like old leather in his mouth and his brain goes missing. When he sees Dinah with his brother, Moses he realizes he may have missed out. Love is not for him.

Colin’s plan to bring Uri and Dinah together keeps going awry and misunderstandings are keeping them apart. What can he do to fix everything in time for Christmas? Has he simply made everything worse?

Will Dinah give Uri a chance to share his true self with her?

Will Colin’s interference keep tearing Uri and Dinah apart? Will he ruin things for Moses and the woman he cares for?

Find out if the Phillips family can pull together this Christmas and embrace love, hope and each other.

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