Amish Romance: Where We Belong

Amish Romance: Where We Belong
Series: Amish and Englischer, Book 4
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

Can exciting and handsome Hank lead Joyce away from the Amish? Find out in this sweet and inspirational Amish Romance for just $0.99 or FREE on KU

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About the Book

Joyce King awaited the Englischer college student, Hank, with anticipation. He was the perfect being in her mind. His dark floppy hair, football player’s broad frame, and bright, sparkling, green eyes were all she could think about.

Matthew had known Joyce for many years, they talked together by the creek that ran past their parents properties. However, he had never shown her any indication that she would ever be anything more than a friend.

When Matthew explains to Joyce that Hank isn’t all that she thinks he is, Joyce refuses to believe him. Will she end up making a big mistake?

Will Matthew be able to save their friendship? Can Joyce admit that she was wrong in believing Hank over Matthew?

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