Amish Romance: Trust in God

Amish Romance: Trust in God
Series: The Lapp's Amish Marriage, Book 3
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

An arranged marriage to Jacob is the last thing that Elizabeth can imagine. Can she trust in God and prevail in this sweet, clean Amish Romance? Just $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

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About the Book

Elizabeth is small, petite and as scared as a mouse. Jacob is big, loud and exuberant. When her father plans to marry her to Jacob she freezes and thinks the worse. How can she suffer this terrible arrangement?

Yet so far, her daed has found good matches for her two sisters… should she trust him now?

Maybe this time he is trying just a little too hard. Maybe she should refuse and yet she knows he would never wish her to be unhappy.

Can Elizabeth find love with the big and brash Jacob? A tall, broad, bear of a man, surly cannot be a good match for a mere wisp of a woman? A man who makes people jump when all he does is speak? A man who is hiding something from his past?

Yet not everyone is afraid of him. Is this man as bad as he seems? When a young girl is missing Elizabeth finds out a surprising secret about Jacob. There is more to him than people know so she has to ask herself the question. Can she learn to love a man who was once a beast?

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