Amish Romance: Only Time Will Tell

Amish Romance: Only Time Will Tell
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

When Leah hears she is to be married to Samuel she wonders why. The man seems to hate her. Find out if love can conquer hate in Only Time Will Tell just $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

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About the Book

Leah enjoys nothing more than a spirited theological debate with Bishop Beiler.

Her questions and theories are always a challenge. After asking her mother to help find a husband, a marriage is arranged with Samuel.

This was not what she expected. Leah knows she must try even though she accepts that it’s not that easy to get on with a total stranger… especially one that hates her.

Samuel is a widower, a single parent with a three-year-old son. His work on the farm and looking after his son is more than he can manage. A suggestion of a girl that nearly bumped into him while not taking any notice of where she was going to be his wife, at first seemed a good choice. She was quite beautiful and smart, but his biggest problem was… she hated him.

Can the couple lose their hatred of each other, or did that even feel that way in the first place?

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