Amish Romance: Miriam’s Good Deed

Amish Romance: Miriam’s Good Deed
Series: The Lapp's Amish Marriage, Book 5
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

Nobody wants a wife with a damaged leg, nobody wants Miriam. Yet her father will choose a husband... Miriam waits for his decision her heart filled with dread - Just $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

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About the Book

Miriam is the fifth sister to have her future husband chosen by her father, David Lapp.

Although the other four marriages worked out well, the choice her father made for her was just ridiculous. Larry Byler of all people!

Miriam’s heart sank. All of the anxiety fled her body, leaving behind an unpleasantness numbness. There would be no relationship with Larry, all she would become was a nurse to his father. Could she do this? Could she swap the freedom of her garden to spend her days nursing a dying man?

It seemed so unfair, Larry certainly didn’t have any time for courting, let alone, any interest in her.

“I don’t have a choice in this, do I?”
“Nee, my dochder. If Larry agrees, you two will begin courting immediately.”
A spark of hope springs alight. Larry doesn’t know yet.

Will Miriam be able to dissuade Larry from becoming her husband?

Would she even want to?
Suddenly she realizes that she is turning down the chance to serve and she is hit with shame.
Find out if Miriam can find love in a simple Good Deed in this sweet, clean, and inspirational Amish Romance Story by bestselling author Sarah Miller.

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