Amish Romance: Amish Pride

Amish Romance: Amish Pride
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

A voice so sweet it sounds like angels – Can Daniel prove Edith is fit to be his wife? Find out for FREE on Kindle Unlimited or just $0.99 to own.

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About the Book

Daniel wants to court Edith only everyone things she is prideful. His father gives him two months to prove she is worthy or he will choose a wife for him.

Edith cannot understand how being proud of the gift God gave her can be wrong.

As the two start to court Edith must learn the difference between acceptable pride in a job well done and boasting about one’s ability. Daniel must learn that not everything has to be perfect. Can the two of them complement each other?

As they fall in love Edith worries that she will never be good enough for Daniel in his father’s eyes. Will they be allowed to marry?

Find out in this sweet, clean, and inspirational Amish romance by bestselling author Sarah Miller.

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