Amish Romance: Amish Hideaway

Amish Romance: Amish Hideaway
Series: Amish and Englischer, Book 5
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance
ASIN: B074G18F84

Can Sylvia find out the secret that has driven John back to the Amish? Find out for FREE on KU or just $0.99 to own

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About the Book

When John Lantz saw something terrible in the Englischers world, he needed to escape to somewhere no one would ever think of looking. His father, his daed, had made the rules quite clear. “If you go on rumspringa, you must never show your face here again.” Now, he needed the Amish community to hide in, but he couldn’t go home. Fate, takes him to Faiths Creek, and it is there, that seems the best place to be in the world, until his secret is discovered.

Sylvia Christener was excited to hear the news that a young man from another Amish community was coming to stay with their family.

Sylvia, the little chatterbox, soon had many questions for him, some, harder to answer than others. When eventually she did find out what the problem was, the final question was, ‘What should we do about it?’

Having John around seemed to be the best thing that had happened for a long while. Now however, he was going to have to leave, and probably never come back. How can Sylvia cope without John in her life? Will he be alright back with the Englischers? Find out in Amish Hideaway a Sweet, Inspirational, and Clean, Amish Romance.

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