Amish Romance: A Reason A Stay

Amish Romance: A Reason A Stay
Series: Amish and Englischer, Book 7
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

After Doctor Gillian Carmichael was attacked, and her physical wounds were healed, her doctor suggested a stay somewhere away from her busy life. The suggestion was welcomed, as mentally, she knew she was unprepared to manage alone at her home. A suggestion to stay with the Amish community in Faiths Creek seemed at first a bad idea. Why should an independent woman need charity? But going back to the lonely house when the attackers hadn’t been caught, and charity suddenly seemed the best option.

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About the Book

Luke Bender despised the Englischers and their reckless way of life. His Mamm had taught him all he needed to know about them and their ‘un-gottly ways’. Now, one of them was coming to live next door, an Englischer female Doctor at that!

This annoying, headstrong woman, with her uncovered hair, and denim jeans was an affront he found hard to suffer. However, after Luke is injured and the only person able to care for him is this annoying woman, his views change a little, but will it be enough?

Eventually, he tells her just what he thinks, and the next day her belongings are being loaded up to move her out. Has Luke made a mistake? Should he tell her what he really feels?

Find out in the latest sweet and inspirational Amish Romance by Sarah Miller, A Reason To Stay.

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