Amish Romance 2 Book Special Offer: A Planned Amish Marriage & A Big Beautiful Amish Marriage

Amish Romance 2 Book Special Offer: A Planned Amish Marriage & A Big Beautiful Amish Marriage
Series: The Lapp's Amish Marriage, Book 1
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

Two book special set just $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time only – Two arranged marriages. Can a father know what is right for his daughters or is David Lapp simply making his life easier?

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About the Book

I plan on marrying you to Mark King!

A Planned Amish Marriage

Emma cannot believe the words. How could her dad do this? Does she have no choice?
Emma knew her dad was tired. Since they lost her mamm everything has been too much for him. Yet this time he has gone too far!
Emma believed she was too old to marry, that she had missed her chance but she did not mind. Looking after her family was all that she needed. Now she is to be married to the cold newcomer with twins. She does not know where to turn.
Can Emma find love or she destined to a lonely marriage and a broken heart?

A Big Beautiful Amish Marriage.

They said I was too fat to marry. Susan’s heart is breaking, all she wants to do is curl up in her room and hide. Only tonight her dad has brought Eli Mast home for dinner.

You and Eli are to marry.” Those words cut her to the bone. The last thing she wants is to marry out of pity. Susan runs from the room and out into the night.
Eli did not believe what he heard and knows it is time to go home. Only now he knows he would like to get to know Susan Lapp better. She is strong, beautiful, kind, and yet spirited. Could she ever love a man with a bad leg? Could she love a man who can never work the land?
Find out if Eli and Susan can learn to love and find out what happens when she overhears him talking one night.
With Susan lost in a storm, Eli must face his fears and search for his love.

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