Amish Love for the Children

Amish Love for the Children
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

To what lengths would you go to honor the last wishes of your dying sister?
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About the Book

Twenty-eight-year-old Anna Miller is considered a spinster in Faith’s Creek. She is devoted to caring for her ailing sister and her niece and nephew. On her death bed, Anna’s dear sister makes her promise to take care of her children and raise them in Faith’s Creek.

Anna is willing to do absolutely anything including marrying the town eccentric to fulfill her sister’s request and keep the darling children by her side.

Timothy Smith is thirty-two and known as the faithless town recluse, but he seems to have formed a bond with Anna’s niece and nephew. In fear of her sister’s in-laws coming to take the children from her Anna is desperate to find a way to keep them.

In a frantic attempt to keep the children with her Anna asks Timothy to marry her. Once he knows Anna’s situation Timothy is more than willing to help. There’s just one thing neither Anna nor Timothy counted on…developing real feelings for each other.

What will happen when the in-laws come to take the children from Anna and Timothy? Will their budding relationship survive and lead to a Happily Ever After or are they both headed for heartbreak?

Find out in Bestselling Amish Romance Author Sarah Miller’s Amish Love for the Children.

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