Amish Hope and Faith

Amish Hope and Faith
Series: Amish and Englischer, Book 2
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

Can Hope and Faith bring two people together against the odds?

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About the Book

Simon and Gloria met again after years apart and their love was still true. Can they overcome their differences and find happiness, or will their love be torn apart?

Simon has lived among the Englisch and his business is in trouble. Can he find the faith to solve his problems and still keep his love? Is he just pretending to commit and would Gloria leave the Amish for him?

Finding Simon again has opened so many doors for Gloria. Once again the possibility of marriage and children is back in her life. With it comes heartache and decisions that could see her shunned from her community and estranged from her family. Will she have to choose between them?

“With her breath held she squared her shoulders as if expecting an attack. But that was what this was. It was an attack on her heart, on her love and if he could not stand with her then he was against her.”

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