Amish Baby Romance: Love By His Grace

Amish Baby Romance: Love By His Grace
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

When all is lost we survive by His Grace, and the Lord will send a savior.

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About the Book

Susan has buried her husband, but this is a new start not an ending. She must be strong for the child she carries. If only she could keep the farm. If only God would hear her prayers and send a savior instead of the man to steal her home.

Marlin spent his early years as an Amish boy but grew up Englisch. Now he likes to return to Faith’s Creek just for a visit. It’s a chance to experience the Amish life, before going home to all his comforts.
So he is not ashamed that he is about to foreclose on the farm, that is business. When the door opens a picture of beauty awaits him and his life is about to change forever. Can he really take a property off a pregnant woman?
Susan understands who he is and knowing the time is here is almost a relief. She cannot pay the mortgage, will never be able to pay for she cannot work the land. So why has this man given her six weeks. As the knowledge sinks in a pain slices through her stomach and she drops to the floor.
Everything is forgotten, but her baby, and she prays to God to keep her child safe.
Can an Englisch man help a broken Amish Widow and will her child survive? Find out in By His Grace, a sweet, clean, and inspirational Amish Baby Romance by bestselling author Sarah Miller.
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Author’s note.
This is the second book I have written which deals with an abusive spouse. This is a difficult subject and I hope I have handled it sensitively. Do not worry this book is sweet, clean, and inspirational and is suitable for all ages to read.
The Amish are good people, but like all God’s children they have free will and sometimes things go wrong. Like all of us the Amish deal with difficult situations. How they are special is the strength of their faith and the simple, plain way they deal with problems. Susan is a strong woman and this is her story of courage, faith, and love. It is the story of how one mother copes with expecting when it seems as if all is lost.

The book includes my recipe for Bumble Berry Pie.

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