Amish Baby Hope

Amish Baby Hope
Series: Amish in Lancaster County, Book 4
Tag: amish romance

God has a plan for all of us – Anna hopes hers includes a baby

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About the Book

Anna and Samuel have worked hard to build the bakery up to the thriving business that it is, but more than anything they want a baby. They have watched all their friends have children but God never blessed them, until now.

As Anna nears her time her father’s illness brings stress and disaster into their simple, peaceful lives.

“Please Lord, bring my baby into this world and let it be healthy and shine in the light of your love. Send us your strength and guide us with your light for we are alone and afraid and we need your help.”

As a simple Amish girl Anna does not ask for much, all she prays and hopes for, is her baby.

But life has been difficult. She has already had two miscarriages and now her health is at risk. Will she carry the child to term this time or will the stress destroy her faith along with her child? While all this is going on an arrogant English man comes calling, will he steal the bakery out from under them?

As Amish they know that trials are sent to test them and their faith is strong, but is it strong enough to overcome the tribulations that they must face?

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