Amelia: Leaf on the Breeze

Amelia: Leaf on the Breeze

Amelia Quentin’s heart is tossed about like a leaf on the breeze – read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

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About the Book

Amelia’s sisters are now both married to two handsome Carrow brothers. It was always intended that Amelia would marry Whit Carrow and she feels that pressure – she feels trapped. As the burden of expectation weighs her down she wonders…

Does she still need to marry?
Does Whit even like her?
Why is she being so rude to him?

Amelia finds her emotions tossed about and battered as Whit rejects her, much as her father did.
“Why would I want to marry a woman who scowls at me every time she looks in my direction and spits venom at me every time I pass within range?”

With cattle rustlers targeting Russets Reach, Whit must spend long nights in the saddle. Why is he thinking about Amelia? It seems her rudeness has made her more interesting!

When Amelia happens upon the rustlers who will be saved?
Can love be found within tragedy?

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