A Surprise Proposal – Honoria

A Surprise Proposal – Honoria

What will it take to make Honoria admit that she loves handsome US Marshal Gerald Colton?

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About the Book

Honoria is strong and bold and she finds fun in everything. Yet now her life is in danger and all she can hope is that a certain US Marshal will come looking for her.

Gerald Colton has led a hard life and Honoria is a breath of fresh air. He loved her courage and will do anything to keep her safe. Will he find her in time?

Her brother arrives in town and demands she comes back to marry the McAllister’s. Will it ever end, will she ever be safe?

A Surprise Proposal has her thinking but can she be safe enough to marry?

This is a sweet and inspirational historical western romance. It is a complete standalone book but it part of The Hearts Head West Series. A five book series that follows five brave women as they look for love and a new life. Read one or all of them in any order but we are sure that once you start you will want to read them all.

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