A Quiet Amish Love

A Quiet Amish Love
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance
ASIN: B07PY1582J

Melita Glick hoped her rumspringa would give her answers. It didn’t, and coming home she is unsure how to fit back into the Amish community.

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About the Book

Arriving just in time for her sister’s wedding, she hopes that this will help her feel more at home. Only it doesn’t, she feels distrust all around her. Nobody had expected her to return after her rumspringa, that is nobody but Naham Umble..

Melita knew it was going to be hard fitting in once more, she knew she was a disappointment, but a brief conversation with Naham, gives her hope. His gentle manner found its way into her heart and made a place there.

When Naham speaks to Melita it made him feel more alive than he’d felt in a long time. But could he overcome the difficulties they must faced?

Find out if Melita has found what she was looking for in A Quiet Amish Love a sweet and inspirational Amish romance from bestselling author Sarah Miller.

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