A Promise to Protect and Cherish

A Promise to Protect and Cherish
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Series: The Mail Order Brides of Colorado, Book 5
Genre: Mail Order Brides
Tag: mail order brides

In a world ruled by gold and guns, will love be their greatest treasure or their most dangerous gamble?
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About the Book

In the gritty Wild West saloon, an overheard conversation becomes a lifeline for Lila Bales. When two gentlemen talk of a bridal advert, Lila sees an opportunity for a much-needed escape and possibly, the beginning of a fresh life.

Chase Boon, a self-made gold miner, has never known the luxury of leisure. His hard work has brought him wealth, but his deepest desires remain unfulfilled: learning to read, sharing his life with a woman who understands him, and building a family. Encouraged by his friend Adam, he decides to seek a bride who can help fulfill these dreams.

Lila Bales and her friend May Ramsay, saloon girls trapped under the oppressive yoke of their loathsome boss, Karl Berkhamstead. Orphaned and desperate, they yearn for an escape route from their plight. Could a bridal advertisement be their key to freedom?

Lila proposes to teach him to read and write, and stand by his side as his wife, if he aids her and May to break free from Karl’s clutches. A partnership built on mutual need soon blossoms into an unexpected love. However, the menacing Karl lurks in the shadows, unwilling to let his property go so easily.

As Karl’s wrath descends upon them, demanding a hefty price for their freedom, can Chase shield Lila and May from the vengeful man hell-bent on dragging them back into their old life?

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