A Promise of Protection for the Scarred Bride

A Promise of Protection for the Scarred Bride
Authors: ,
Series: The Mail Order Brides of Colorado, Book 4
Tag: mail order brides
ISBN: 9798854971034

Thea Chapman is shocked to discover her family is now penniless and intend to sell her to survive.
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About the Book

Born into opulence, her world spirals into a desperate struggle when her family fortune evaporates overnight. She’s no stranger to the ugliness of the world, her scars stand testament, but she refuses to become a pawn in her father’s scheme to sell her off to the despicable Dale Cole.

With a vow to defy, and a fiery spirit to find love on her own terms, Thea plots a daring strategy. But will she find a man to stand by a woman of her circumstance?

Sheriff Harrison Fry has a heart guarded by his past. Renowned for taking down Jerry Steel, he’s admired and feared in equal measure. Thea, however, sees past the bravado to the man underneath.

As Harrison gets wind of Thea’s troubles, he steps up, prepared to aid her pursuit. What he didn’t anticipate was his own heart ensnared in the web of her spirited resilience.

With foes lurking in every corner, willing to tear Thea down, she lays her trust in Harrison. Will they outmaneuver the plans forged against them, or will they pay a steep price for their defiance?

It’s a game of love, deceit, and daring. Can love bloom amidst the thorns, or will they be pulled apart in their fight against fate?

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