A Marriage of Convenience

A Marriage of Convenience
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

A marriage of convenience is the perfect plan for both of them, but things don’t go quite as planned…
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About the Book

Emily Talbot is a skilled musician, twenty years old, and happy with her life. She has no desire to hunt for a husband when she is quite capable of providing for herself by teaching music. Emily’s grandmother, Louise doesn’t agree. She believes Emily should marry soon.

When Emily shares her quandary with her friend Diana, they come up with an idea certain to meet everyone’s needs. Diana’s friend Arthur Rutledge is in the same position as Emily and she believes they would make a good match be it for love or convenience.

If Emily and Arthur should marry for convenience instead of love, they could get what they need from the relationship without it interfering with their lives too much. Emily is a bit wary of Arthur’s reputation as a rake, but they come to terms and become officially engaged. Now they must convince their loved ones that this marriage is the real deal.

Unfortunately, not everyone is pleased with their arrangement and sets out to destroy their engagement. Will Emily and Arthur fall victim to the whims of others or might they discover the possibility of love lies between them?

Will this Marriage of Convenience turn into a Happily Ever After?

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