A Love to Save Him

A Love to Save Him
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance

Every day dawns brighter when you believe in me, Grace. Every day is better than I ever believed it could be. I don’t ever want to give you a reason to stop believing.

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About the Book

After the death of her husband, Grace has lived alone in her little house in Faith’s Creek. She does her chores, visits her friends and does everything she can to fill up her days with meaningful things. Most of all, she goes out of her way to help any soul in need.

Grace is visiting a friend, Mariah when she first sees a man shuffling along the road. Her heart goes out to him.
Timothy Cain, a former Faith’s Creek resident has a painful past. He left Faith’s Creek to get away from his abusive father but had to return to settle his father’s estate. Now, he’s trying to find closure by destroying the home rather than allowing a more deserving familye to take it over.

While Timothy is fighting his past, Grace offers her assistance and understanding, even with Timothy’s near constant refusals.

Can Timothy get past his sorrow to move forward, and can he deny the unmistakable pull to Grace? Or will history and pain be too strong for love to overcome? Find out in A Love to Save Him a sweet Amish Romance from from bestselling author Sarah Miller.

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