A London Christmas Love

A London Christmas Love
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

Two enemies find love where they least expect it in this Regency Holiday Romance.
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About the Book

Cassandra and Agnes Linden are cousins headed to the country to enjoy the holiday parties and perhaps find a husband. Agnes is thrilled by the prospect of romance but Cassandra only cares about protecting her cousin from heartbreak.

Agnes meets William Gage, a handsome and sweet gentleman their first night in the country. They are instantly smitten but not everyone is thrilled. Cassandra becomes nervous while chaperoning the couple because they are being followed. She soon discovers the man in the shadows, is none other than Geoffrey Parr, William’s cousin.

Geoffrey is a skeptic when it comes to love, and he’s determined to protect William from potential gold diggers.

Cassandra is furious that Geoffrey suggests her dear cousin might want William for his money alone. She will do whatever it takes to prove Geoffrey wrong.

Find out if Geoffrey can break up the young couple or if he has met his match in Cassandra in this sweet Regency Christmas Romance A London Christmas Love.

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