A Kiss in the Garden

A Kiss in the Garden
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

Mabel Turner is an heiress and an introvert, will she fall for the charming man who is after nothing but her money?
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About the Book

Mabel lives with her older cousin Nellie, a woman who knows the world and would love to see her niece happily married. When Nellie introduces Mabel to Alfred Wright, a charming and well-traveled man, the son of her good friend, Raymond, she does not realize the heartache she will unleash.

Alfred’s family fortunes are in tatters. Raymond has gambled them away when he suggests that Alfred woos Mable, Alfred reluctantly agrees.

The courtship is going well. Mabel has discovered that there is a world outside the gardens of Belcourt Park. However, on the morning of her wedding, she discovers Alfred’s true purpose.

Will Mabel ever recover from her broken heart? Can Alfred overcome his own misfortunes? Can a delicate heart now shattered ever recover?
Find out if Mabel can find the strength to rise above her troubles in this sweet Regency romance A Kiss in the Garden.

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