A Fool to Love

A Fool to Love

Cynthia is a quiet woman, often thought of as shy. However, when she sees injustice, she finds a passion that could change her life and the life of so many more.

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About the Book

Cynthia spends her life working for her father, the doctor of Blue Sky Falls or walking their fluffy little dog Scruffy. Her father is worried about her and always trying to get her to go to the dances. Cynthia likes her life how it is, but when she sees how badly the mine workers are treated, she can’t help but speak up.

John Knowles is the mine supervisor. He cares deeply for his men, but how can he help them? Seeing the tiny Cynthia stand up to tyranny puts John on a new path. As the two people fight injustice and overwhelming odds, can they succeed? As danger looms, can John keep her safe, and will she ever have the same feelings for him as he has discovered for her?

Find out in this sweet, western, historical romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

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