A Final Chance to Love

A Final Chance to Love

Having run away from a brutal husband will Katherine ever find love?

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About the Book

When her husband threatened her child, Katherine took control and with the help of a US Marshal, she left to start a new life. That was many years ago. Her daughter, Audra is now grown up and married with children of her own. Along with the rest of the town she seems to want Katherine to get a divorce. But what is the point? She is too old to fine love again despite what they say.

Yet that very US Marshal who saved her all those years ago is back in town. Brady is as much a friend now as he was then… but he loves someone else. She has known it all those years, and it still hurts as much now as it always did.

When her husband escapes jail she knows Brady will keep her safe but who will guard her heart?

Is there a final chance for love?

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