A Daughter’s Trust

A Daughter’s Trust
Genre: Victorian Romance
Tag: Victorian Romance

Mary Harper’s first memories are of being alone, with her mother, cold on the pantry floor. Her father, Alfred, leaves her with a neighbour. Kindness soon turns to cruelty as the young Mary keeps asking when will her father return?

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About the Book

One day Mary catches a glance of her father and runs out of the house to find him. Chasing through the streets of London she runs on and on until she catches up. The man is not her father and now Mary is lost.
Wandering aimlessly in tears Mary is stopped by a great carriage. Randolph Stockton is a fine man and he takes her back to his mansion where the servant’s care for her. Could she now be safe? Why does the housekeeper look at her so sadly?

Randolph lavishes her with gifts and things are the best they have been for a while. That is until Randolph asks her to sit on his knee one night. What can Mary do now?

After long torturous years Mary escapes and is on the run again. When another man, Nathaniel, offers her his help, she wonders if all men are evil?

Will she now find the happiness she has craved, or is she once again in the hands of a monster? Find out in A Daughter’s Trust.

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