A Christmas Miracle – The Hunted Bride

A Christmas Miracle – The Hunted Bride

Can a young bride escape her fate and find a Christmas Miracle?

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About the Book

Colette Gentry is always in trouble, but this time she has gone too far. Her Pa has decided that she should be married and has arranged with one of his old friends for just that. But Colette will not marry the lecherous old man, so she runs away, heading West to people she knows and loves.

A chance encounter on the train seems like a God send as she changes places with a mail order bride who has been sold to her groom. Colette will not marry him, she will never marry for anything but love. This is just the perfect plan to get her ticket and help her escape.

When Colette finds out who the groom is, her world turns upside down.

Once she gets off the train she realizes she is not safe. Her brothers will hunt her down. Where can she hide? Who will help her?

Can this hunted bride find love or is she destined to be dragged back home to a loveless marriage?

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