A Christmas Baby to Heal His Heart

A Christmas Baby to Heal His Heart
Genre: Amish Romance

Katie believes her arranged marriage was doomed from the start, can a Christmas Baby Miracle show them love is possible?
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About the Book

Levi and Katie Mueller’s marriage was arranged by their families. Neither Katie nor Levi were eager to wed a stranger but they agree. While Katie still hoped to find true love, Levi wants to avoid love at all costs.

Katie’s attempts to woo her husband fall flat, but the man is colder than winter snow. She is certain her life with Levi will be long and lonely and that she will never have the baby she so desires.
Levi is fond of Katie but the scars of his past are huge walls he will never cross.

A Christmas emergency drops a newborn baby boy in Levi and Katie’s home.

The little boy opens both Katie and Levi’s hearts, bringing them closer than they ever believed possible. Levi can feel this sweet angel healing the scars he has battled so hard to avoid. Soon, they must give the baby back to his true parents?

Will the loss destroy their marriage forever or will their faith make them strong enough to weather all the storms life may toss at them?

Read now to find out in A Christmas Baby to Heal his Heart.

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