A Bride to Save the Tracker

A Bride to Save the Tracker
Series: The Orphaned Mail Order Brides, Book 2
Genre: Mail Order Brides
Tag: mail order brides

Orphan Lucy Trott was sold as mail order bride. Upon arrival, she is shunned because she lost her left hand in an accident.
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About the Book

Luckily, Fairplay’s pastor is willing to give her a place to stay. It’s been a blessing that she’s able to still spend time with her friend, Miriam. There is trouble with wolves close to the town and Lucy finds herself in danger.

Alec Catori was found abandoned as a baby and raised by the Cheyenne. The citizens of FairPlay never let him forget it. He grew up to become an excellent tracker and horse trainer. Alec is surprised to find a young woman surrounded by wolves. Thankfully, he scares them off but not before the beautiful stranger is thrown from her horse.

Lucy is scared of the handsome man who saved her life. But it doesn’t take long for her to admire Alec’s skills and his gentle soul. She finds him intriguing and would like to get to know him better but finds that most of the town is set against it.

Unsettled by Lucy’s new friendship with Alec, the pastor decides to find her a husband.

Will Lucy give in and settle down with a man the pastor chooses?
Can Alec solve Fairplay’s wolf problem before blood is shed?

Will Alec and Lucy fight for what they truly want before it’s too late? Will they be blessed with love or continue to allow others to impact their decisions?

Find out in A Bride to Save the Tracker a sweet and inspirational romance

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