A Bride to Save the Injured Miner

A Bride to Save the Injured Miner
Authors: ,
Series: The Brides of Pine Ridge, Book 2
Genre: Mail Order Brides
Tag: mail order brides

A mine collapse leaves Jacob feeling like less of a man, there’s only one woman who can make him whole again.

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About the Book

Jacob Marshall lost his leg in the recent mine collapse. He’s grateful to have been saved but feels like half a man without his leg. The woman his parents had arranged a marriage with refuses to marry a cripple. This leaves Jacob even more ashamed of what he’s become.

Karen Furness has been spending all of her free time looking after Jacob. She’s falling for him more and more each day. She can’t stand the low self-esteem Jacob is struggling with and is determined to help.

Jacob doesn’t feel like he’s man enough to take care of Karen but after encouragement from a good friend he begins to see a way that they could be together. Unfortunately, he may not get the chance to share his feelings with her.

Danger stalks Pine Ridge and Karen finds herself in the crosshairs. Will she survive to admit her feelings for Jacob?

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