A Bride for the Rancher

A Bride for the Rancher
Series: The Brides of Starling Falls, Book 1
Tag: mail order brides

A promise of marriage has brought the sisters to Montana, but the rancher is far from what they expected. Is this their salvation, or the start of something worse?

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About the Book

Cara Fitzgerald and her two sisters have traveled to Montana for Cara to marry a wealthy rancher. They are still grieving, still shocked but Ray Wallace was a beacon in the dark, their only hope for safety.
However, Ray is not exactly how Cara envisioned. The man is dirty, uncouth, and can’t take his eyes off her young sister, Rachel. What have they done?

Starling City is far from their home in Boston. Are they lost in the wilds of Montana, or could help be at hand in the form of a motherly landlady?

When Cara follows her prospective husband she discovers a truth that could destroy her world. What can they do now?

Are her marriage hopes dashed forever, must she give up her happiness for the sake of her sisters?

Find out in A Bride for the Rancher, a sweet and touching western historical romance suitable for all ages.

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