A Bride for the Miner

A Bride for the Miner
Authors: ,
Series: The Brides of Pine Ridge, Book 1
Genre: Mail Order Brides
Tag: mail order brides

After a long trip from Atlanta Miranda Furness and her daughters are met by a corrupt marriage agent and his nefarious plans when they arrive in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

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About the Book

Lucy Furness is adapting to Pine Ridge as best she can. She found work as a maid and she enjoys it. She’s met many interesting people since her arrival but none captures her attention quite like Brad Henry.

Brad is a manager at the local mine with a keen interest in Lucy. He tries to fight for his workers but the owner of the mine, Leon Jakowski, cares little for his men.

A collapse at the mine puts several lives in jeopardy. Lucy can’t stand to see the conditions the miners must work in and she plans to confront the boss. Leon only wants Lucy as his wife and isn’t above extortion to get her.

What will happen when Lucy tells Leon exactly what she thinks about his proposal?

Will Brad admit his feelings for Lucy before he loses her forever?

Find out if there is a happily ever after in Lucy and Brad’s future in Bestselling Authors Indiana Wake & Belle Fiffer’s new release.

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