A Bride for the Lonely Soldier – Rebecca

A Bride for the Lonely Soldier – Rebecca

Widower Patrick Humphries kept his family secret, but when one asks for help he knows that to turn him down will be trouble. Can Patrick keep those he loves safe?

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Patrick wants to provide a good life for his children. The son of an ex-slave he has kept his family at bay, but now one of them is on the run and asks for help. If Patrick turns him down, will the man take revenge? What must a good man do to protect those he loves?

Rebecca Glass has watched her neighbor Patrick struggle to raise his two boys. When she finds out who his brother is she is shocked. Miles Ashby is the worst kind of trouble and he is going to ruin the man she has come to love. Can Rebecca keep the boys and Patrick safe? Will the decision she makes save her man but lose her the chance for love?

What will happen when Patrick confronts his brother? Can he protect his boys and the woman he’s beginning to love or will he lose it all?

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