A Bride for the Lonely Soldier – Lucy

A Bride for the Lonely Soldier – Lucy
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Series: A Bride for the Lonely Soldier, Book 5
Genre: Mail Order Brides
Tag: mail order brides

Can Lucy overcome her past or will shame and fear keep her from finding love?

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About the Book

Lucy Benwick is tired of her controlling mother Penelope’s open hostility towards her and her sister. Penelope is always ready to tell Lucy how she wants nothing more than to raise her granddaughters as a do-over because her daughters haven’t lived up to her expectations. Frustrated, Lucy sets out to finish painting a mural at the town’s saloon.

Lee Stennett owns the town saloon. While the beautiful Lucy works hard to paint a mural for him, he can see something is wrong and offers her a room in his guest house. The longer Lee is around Lucy he realizes his first impression of her is all wrong. He always kept his distance because her mother was trying so hard to pair them together and he had no desire to marry someone like Penelope.

Unhappy with Lucy’s choice to be a painter and live behind the saloon her mother attempts to force her home but Lee is done letting Penelope push Lucy around. His desire to help Lucy lands him in far more danger than he could’ve expected.

Will Lee survive the machinations of Lucy’s family to find a happily ever after or will dark forces keep them apart?

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