A Bride for the Lonely Soldier – Lisa

A Bride for the Lonely Soldier – Lisa

Can the town doctor and a widowed mother find love or will the actions of a few destroy their chance at happiness?
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About the Book

Jonathan Sharpe, the town doctor loves his job and taking care of his neighbors, but one woman gets on his last nerve. Penelope Benwick treats Jonathan as if he is her personal doctor on call at all times. The only good thing about his many visits to the Benwick home is her lovely housekeeper Lisa.

Widow and single mother Lisa doesn’t particularly care for her employer but she’ll do anything to provide for her daughter Alexis. The good doctor Jonathan Sharpe has been a wonderful source of help and advice for Lisa.

As Lisa and Jonathan grow closer, Lisa’s mother-in-law is determined to take Alexis away and will do anything to get her way.
Will Jonathan and Lisa be able to protect Alexis and find love or will their lives be torn apart?

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