A Bride for the Lonely Soldier – Carrie

A Bride for the Lonely Soldier – Carrie

Carrie Benwick loves painting landscapes and the nearby tribe. When she unwittingly sketches the wrong men at the wrong time she puts herself in terrible danger.
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About the Book

Carrie is doing a special painting of the famous Indian tracker Talako. When two men catch her eye she can’t help but sketch them. When they see her they know that they must stop her at all costs.

Talako is intrigued by the sweet and beautiful Carrie. He finds her fascinating and enjoys looking at her amazing artwork. When Carrie becomes the target of two evil men Talako is determined to help and he offers her protection within his tribe.

Time together leads to Carrie and Talako growing closer. She loves the calm life among the tribe and he adores her giving nature. Can they ever find love or will their different backgrounds pull them apart? Will they have a chance to explore their feelings or will the bandits take Carrie away from Talako forever?

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