A Body, A Blade, and an Early Baby

A Body, A Blade, and an Early Baby
Series: Bakers and Bulldog Mysteries
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tag: cozy mystery

A game of cat and mouse may cost super sleuths Melody and French Bulldog Smudge more than they’re willing to pay.
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About the Book

Melody and Smudge are back on the case in Cozy Mystery Author Rosie Sams’ much-loved Bakers and Bulldogs series.
Danger is high and there’s no shortage of suspects when the case involves angry spouses, real estate agents, and lots of money.

Melody Hennessy is a very happy woman. She’s married to the town sheriff, about to give birth to her first child, and a successful pastry chef with a penchant for solving murders with her French Bulldog, Smudge. There is only one problem… she’s bored! Melody’s on maternity leave from her bakery to rest before the baby comes but she realizes quickly she isn’t good at taking it easy.

When Melody’s neighbor is murdered and a good friend is arrested, she and Smudge can’t resist hunting down the real culprit. Melody’s husband, Sheriff Alvin Hennessy is worried about his wife taking on too much in her delicate condition. However, Alvin knows when his wife starts to follow the clues there’s no chance of stopping her.

To soothe her husband’s worries Melody and Smudge seek the help of Veteran Lola Ramsey. Melody, Smudge, and Lola begin searching for clues to free their innocent friend.

Is it possible for Melody and Smudge to find the killer and save the day before she gives birth! Or have they bit off more than they can chew this time?

Find out if Melody, Alvin, and Smudge solve the case and get their blissful happily ever after in A Body, a Blade, and an Early Baby.

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