A Big Beautiful Bride for a Broken Hearted Rancher

A Big Beautiful Bride for a Broken Hearted Rancher

It is 1878 and Amanda has been sold as a Mail Order Bride by her Aunt.

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About the Book

After their father died all Amanda wanted to do was keep her sisters safe and hopefully find a good marriage for them. The problem is they have no fortune and are all a little on the large side. Some would call them big beautiful women but the local men are just not interested.

Living with their Aunt is full of torment but what else can they do. As Amanda gives up her own hopes of marriage to keep them safe things get worse and worse. Until Aunt Morgan tells then she has found them husbands and they are to be married.

Married, Amanda has dreamed of this for years, could it be true.

Then reality sets in. they are going West to marry men they have never met. Amanda makes a pact to keep her sisters safe but what will she find?

A broken hearted rancher, children in need of love and a man who claims her heart but could never love her in return.

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