A Baby to Love

A Baby to Love
Series: Amish Secret Baby, Book 3
Genre: Amish Romance
Tag: amish romance
ISBN: 9798468797341

Miriam Graber is determined to have an uneventful rumspringa, when she’s handed a baby it changes her life forever.
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About the Book

Sixteen-year-old Miriam Graber is excited about her Rumspringa. She can’t wait to see what the Englisch world has to offer but she hates to leave her beau, Jonathan Kemp behind.

Timothy Marshall is a young man who will be leaving for his Rumspringa when Miriam does. The last thing he wants to do is hurt Miriam but when he spots the looks shared between her and Jonathan he knows he must tell her a hard truth.

The dark rumors surrounding Jonathan and his fidelity to their community are hard to believe. Miriam knows she must search for the truth.

What Miriam and Timothy discover is a baby in need of a home. Miriam feels deeply that Gott led her to baby George. She must raise him as her own in Faith’s Creek. But how will she explain George’s origins to her community… to her father?

Timothy and Miriam come up with a crafty solution…one that could possibly lead to love and a life of happiness for them both. However, not everyone in Faith’s Creek wants to see Miriam, Timothy, and baby George live happily ever after.

Can they find their happiness in Faith’s Creek with the community they love or will pride and selfishness rip baby George away from them? Find out in this sweet Amish romance, A Baby to Love.

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