5 Book Box Set: Pioneer Brides of the Oregon Trail Second Generation

5 Book Box Set: Pioneer Brides of the Oregon Trail Second Generation

It is 1866 and 23 years since the great migration West.
Grab these amazing romances in this bargain 5 Book Box Set

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This wonderful collection contains the following books:

Suki’s Heart – Suki Shepherd is a proud second-generation settler, born on the Trail itself. She has a good life, even though she’s a bit skittish and standoffish – much like her new filly, Dancer. When she is thrown by her horse, Sonny Reynolds comes to her rescue. His calm manner is just what she needs, but is he hiding something?

Amanda’s Hope – Set to marry a deplorable man, Amanda hopes that love can save her. Joe Macey and Amanda Hargreaves are from two different worlds. He’s the son of a successful doctor and lawyer, and she’s from one of the largest – if not the largest – farm in all of Oregon. Yet, they share one thing in common – they’re stuck with their lot in life. Is that enough to bring them both what they need?

Katie’s Courage – Still seething with resentment, will Katie ever get over being left at the altar? Katie and Clay are products of the Oregon Trail. Katie was just three years old when her father died, and Clay was just twelve. They grew up together when their parents married. Katie adapted with ease, but Clay is sullen and distant. Now he has returned and she is the one filled with resentment. Can love find a way into either of their hearts?

Jenny’s Wish – Jenny Swain has lived in the same Oregon town all her life. While Jenny is chomping at the bit to head off into the unknown, her mother is terrified of the big, wide world and all the dangers it holds. Jenny’s wish is just that until she meets Arlon one early morning. The two hit it off, but when things get serious, and they bring it up to her family her mom’s secret fears leak out and threaten to destroy the happy couple.

Honey’s Grace – Can a decade’s old feud be repaired by love and the next generation? Honey Goodman kept away from Marshall Thornhill; after all, the family feud started on the Oregon Trail. When Honey gets attacked and Marshall steps in, she sees a different side to him. Could this be a new beginning? Only the wealthy Thornhill family will not allow this. Will Marshall give up his position and wealth for love?

Enjoy these amazing and much-loved romances in this great value box set. Scroll up and grab it now.

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