2 Book Special Edition: Trust, Doubt and a New Beginning & A Scruffy Cowboy to Heal Her Heart

2 Book Special Edition: Trust, Doubt and a New Beginning & A Scruffy Cowboy to Heal Her Heart

2 Book Special Offer - 10 Brides are on the run, will they find love or does a murderer lurk within their number?

Books 1 & 2 in the Mail Order Brides on the Run series.

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About the Book

Book 1: Trust, Doubt, and a New Beginning.
The small town of Memphis is desperate for women, so one brave saloon owner arranges for 10 mail order brides to come to the city. Little does she know that a murder has just been committed and the killer may be hidden among her girls.
Candy is like all the girls, she is looking for a new beginning and a man she can trust. Dustin is a railway engineer and he instantly falls for Candy but he knows she is hiding something.
When Marshal Adam Markovic starts asking questions why does Dustin tell him about Candy?
Find out if love can overcome all in this sweet and clean western romance.

Book 2: A Scruffy Cowboy to Heal Her Heart
Mally is looking for a husband just for her daughter. She has had enough of men. Her own husband was shot and afterward she discovered the truth about him. Then she was attacked. So it is with trepidation that she agrees to meet Nyle Meyerbridge.
Walking down the street she sees a tramp carrying a dog. A shudder goes down her spine as she remembers her past. Then he asks for help and she finds out this is her husband to be!
Mally cannot believe life can get any worse but Nyle has a surprising side, he is amazing with children. Will seeing her baby, Grace, with this man win her over?
Find out in the second book in this exciting new series. Catch up with Marshal Adam Markovic and find out if he has made any progress on solving the mystery and finding the murderer.
This is a sweet, clean, and inspirational western historical romance series and all the books are now available.

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