2 Book Special Edition: The Scarred and Rejected Bride & The Crippled Bride and the Orphaned Baby

2 Book Special Edition: The Scarred and Rejected Bride & The Crippled Bride and the Orphaned Baby

Hope Springs is filled with rough and ready men. Can a family of damaged women bring true Hope to this desperate town?

Books 1 & 2 of the Mail Order Brides for A Town Called Hope Series

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About the Book

A carriage accident killed Lily’s parents and left her and her sisters disfigured or disabled. Now they are to be thrown from their home and their hopes of becoming mail order brides were dashed when the men turned them down because of their disabilities.

Book 1 – The Scarred and Rejected Bride Lily knows this calls for desperate measures so she writes to one last man and does not mention her scars.
Kit McFarlan wants a wife to control his three rowdy children. Lily will do. That is until he sees her scars. The wedding is off, but Lily and her sisters are a feisty bunch and Kit did not bargain for what comes next.
Will Lily get her man or will the sisters be left out in the old?

Book 2 – The Crippled Bride and the Orphaned Baby Maye was crippled in the carriage accident that killed her parents. How can she ever find love? What man could love a woman who is not even whole?
A new man in town is struggling with his brother’s baby. The child’s parents were killed but Craig needs to work if he is to feed baby Constantine. How can he work and look after a baby? A chance meeting tells him he needs a bride and he asks Maye to marry him.
“That was the most unromantic proposal ever,” Maye said but still she accepts.
As Maye falls for the handsome cowboy she wonders how she can go on. Is this all there is to life?
Danger and heartache threaten to tear the couple apart. Can they survive and find love?

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