2 Book Special Edition: No Love for the Duke & The Heart of the Duke

2 Book Special Edition: No Love for the Duke & The Heart of the Duke
Genre: Regency Romance
Tag: regency romance

**Coming August 5th, 2019**

Grab these 2 Sweet Regency Romances in this Special Edition.
2 brothers, one a duke, who will win the heart of a lady and who will win the heart of the duke?

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About the Book

No Love for the Duke

Charlotte has had a difficult past year. Her father passed away, leaving herself and her mother alone their futures are uncertain.

A marriage to a Duke would restore their fortunes and Charlotte is willing to forsake her happiness for that of her mother’s comfort. When she meets Francis Yates the Duke of Brentwood it seems all her problems have been solved. The Duke is willing to forsake a marriage of love for a marriage of duty, in a gamble that their union would produce an heir for the estate.

No one thought much of Jamison, the poetry loving, titleless younger brother, until on a chance meeting Jamison and Charlotte make a surprising discovery.

The Heart of a Duke

Francis Yates has been slowly pulling himself together after his embarassement to his younger brother.

Seeing two individuals so in love has made him think long and hard on his own life. Amelia Winters the governess to his friend’s children has caught his eye and he decides that she is the one.

Much to his surprise, Amelia has heard of his reputation and she will not be just another conquest?

Will Francis have the strength of character to win the heart of a Amelia and has she really won the heart of a Duke?

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